Moving into the New Year.

Hello friends. I hope you all have been doing well and that you survived the holidays and are ready for the fast ride through yet another year.

Did you set a New Years resolution? I do not do resolutions because I seem to not carry through. But a number of years ago I decided I could choose a word to guide me throughout the year and that seems to work for me.

Last year I chose the word Explore. And explore I did. I explored a whole new creative world, the world of jewelry, and learned a lot!

I learned more about using resin.

Balance in asymmetry1

I learned new processes and new techniques involving metal and wire.

Etched copper pendant2

I began to experiment with ways I could solder.


I took an online torch fired enamel class...

Me torch

I enjoyed successes and learned from failures.


I got totally immersed in this medium and wanted to learn more about different ways to enamel.


I learned how to mix it up. 


I created my first product line which is also my first unisex jewelry

And for Christmas I even bought a kiln, to widen my enamel knowledge.  


So this year I chose the word Grow. I think growing is a complimentary extension of the last years' exploration. 

I want to take what I learned last year and grow it into something that takes me further than I've been. I want to mix together the things I've explored to see what happens. Sometimes in order to grow we end up in a scary place. I am there now. But my to grow beyond that scary place.

We'll see what will happen and what is going on this time next year.

Until next time stay happy, stay healthy, and tell your loved ones what they mean to you.

xxoo ~ Gail


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May 12, 2018

Wow! What you accomplished and learned in just one year is phenomenal! Thank you for sharing your exploration. I can’t wait to see how you grow! Wishing you all the best.

Ellen W Gonchar
Ellen W Gonchar

May 12, 2018

Your creative spirit will grow and grow this year Gail! You are just at that “bump in the road” right now. I so admire you and your work……keep on sister!!!

Cat Kerr
Cat Kerr

May 12, 2018

Boy look at you go… fly fly!!

Nike Bottalico
Nike Bottalico

May 12, 2018

Way to go! I love your work! I am trying new things too. Excellent Blog!


May 12, 2018

Wow! I think you are doing great! I too joined an online class a few months ago. I’m a bit behind you though as I just received my torch and mandrels. Please continue to post as Id love to see your continued progress. I love what you have accomplished already.

Congratulations! Jann.

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